This program offers tour participants the opportunity to visit exceptional private gardens, which are generally not open to the public. Tours are throughout Augusta including historic Summerville.

April 24th – 26th, 12pm - 5pm

Nothing gets the design ideas flowing like a walk through an impressive garden. Some are personal masterpieces and others are continuous life-long love affairs.

They all manifest the passion of their gardeners and will help ignite your passion for designing your own garden. Viewing what another garden designer has accomplished opens your eyes to what is attainable.


Scroll down for a preview of the private gardens to be featured during the tour. Check back as more gardens may be added.

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2015 Featured Gardens


Secret Gardens of Gould's Corner

Created by individual homeowners, these gardens will amaze you with their distinctive garden design with big personalities in limited spaces. Each petite garden is a wonder planted with extensive plant selections, towering crepe myrtles and graceful Japanese maples. There are fabulous ground covers and vines, such as a vibrant potato vine, as well as, unique garden art and outstanding iron work. The landscape also includes limbed up hollies full of berries and a huge rose tree that should be replete with buds for the Festival.


2259 Cumming Road

Stepping in this garden will transport you to the magnificent garden of Versailles just outside of Paris. The hardscape materials were pulled from the English Tudor house and they elegantly divide the property into garden rooms. There’s the glamorous white garden on one side with a large fountain as the focal point, the shady koi pond tucked into the space beneath a double staircase, the herb garden next to a door leading to the kitchen, and the vegetable beds in a sunny area in the back.
The Watercolor Women will be painting in the garden on Saturday, April 25. The group consists of Jill Gunn, Wendy Cunico, Jill Gunn, Beth Jones, and Kaye Ward.


1215 Johns Road

This garden will remind you of the elegance of a perfect tulip. The simple lawn in front of the home belies what you will find in the back; a fabulous outdoor kitchen, pea gravel paths that lead to a fountain, huge flower beds full of blooms, pool and pool house. You won’t believe the height of the young palms at the corner of the pool house, or the Italian cypress, that fills the space to the side of the garden, providing much privacy with their graceful form. On one side of the entry is a New Dawn rose which will impress visitors with delicate pink blooms and its intoxicating smell. On the other side entry is a formal garden with four boxwood lined beds, each home to tropical hibiscus.


2402 Williams Street

After a complete remodel inside the home, built in 1909, the homeowners tackled the outside garden area with the goal of having something in bloom every month of the year. Their favorite area is the wide back porch which opens to the entire backyard with its charming fountain and paths. The lovely garden is anchored by a huge magnolia with planting beds for shade lovers on one side and sun lovers on the other. The homeowners are hands-on gardeners who created a lovely garden in the best Southern style.


420 Plymouth Court

Eighteen garden rooms combine a mix of plant materials, designs, and hardscape features. Inside a bed of mixed shrubs and perennials is the secret fairy village, complete with miniature plantings. Hundreds of plants, 500 bulbs alone have been planted since the homeowners moved into their home in 1983. Wander around the backyard filled with rock lined beds overflowing with plants, many of which were given to Janet by friends and family. The children’s garden begs for play and the labyrinth is irresistible.





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